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AES 24th International Conference on Multichannel Audio 1

Recording Concert Hall Acoustics For Posterity
Angelo Farina1, Regev Ayalon2
1 Industrial Engineering Dept., University of Parma, Italy
2 K.S. Waves Inc., Tel Aviv, ISRAEL


This research was funded and logistically supported by Waves (www.waves.com), as part of the development of a new reverberation tool based on sampled acoustical impulse responses and capable of surround multichannel processing.

The calibration of the loudspeaker and the measurements performed in the theatres in Japan were possible only thanks to the support of prof. Yoichi Ando and colleagues of the University of Kobe, Japan (Kosuke Kato, Takuya Hotehama, Yosuke Okamoto), who allowed the authors to employ their laboratories and who helped during the measurements. Furthermore, useful discussion and exchange of technical information with these colleagues allowed the authors to improve the measurement technique.

The study of various rendering methods and of advanced hybrid multichannel solutions has been actively supported by the Ambiophonics Institute, where the listening experiments with various formats were performed.

The authors want to express their gratitude to the owners of the 9 theatres where the measurements were performed, who kindly also gave permission to publish the measured data, and to L. Tronchin and A. Avanzini, for their help during the measurements.


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