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Recording Engineers' Corner

Understanding and Installing an Ambiophonic System
Les Leventhal and Ralph Glasgal

Spatial Definition and the PanAmbiophone microphone array for 2D surround & 3D fully periphonic recording
Robert E. (Robin) Miller III ©2004
Presented at the 117th Convention 2004 October 28~31 San Francisco CA

Scalable Tri-play Recording for Stereo, ITU 5.1/6.1 2D, and Periphonic 3D (with Height) Compatible Surround Sound Reproduction
Robert E. (Robin) Miller III ©2003
Presented at the 115th Convention 2003 October 10–13 New York, New York

Recording Concert Hall Acoustics For Posterity
Angelo Farina, Regev Ayalon
Presented at the AES 24th International Conference on Multichannel Audio 1

Transforming Ambiophonic + Ambisonic 3D Surround Sound to & from ITU 5.1/6.1
Robert E. (Robin) Miller III ©2003
Presented at the 114th Convention 2003 March 22–25 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Surround Ambiophonic Recording and Reproduction
Ralph Glasgal
Presented to the AES 24th International Conference on Multichannel Audio, June 26-28 2003, Banff, Canada

Ambiophonic Principles for the Recording and Reproduction of Surround Sound for Music
Angelo Farina, Ralph Glasgal, Enrico Armelloni, Anders Torger

The Ambiophone
Ralph Glasgal Derivation of a Recording Methodology Optimized For Ambiophonic Reproduction
Presented at the AES 19th International Conference on Surround Sound Techniques, Technology, and Perception June 21-24, 2001, Schloss Elmau, Germany

Contrasting ITU 5.1 and Panor-ambiophonic 4.1 Surround Sound Recording Using OCT and Sphere Microphones
Robert E. (Robin) Miller III
Presented at the 112th Convention 2002 May 10–13 Munich, Germany


Prototype model of the Ambiophone.

Recording the 9/11 2nd Anniversary concert at Ground Zero in PanAmbio surround using the Ambiophone (at extreme right on the tall pole).