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by Ralph Glasgal
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Scalable Tri-play Recording for Stereo, ITU 5.1/6.1 2D, and Periphonic 3D (with Height) Compatible Surround Sound Reproduction - Page 6
Robert E. (Robin) Miller III, FilmakerStudios, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018, USA


A new system has been developed called PerAmbio 3D/2D that is capable of life-like 3D sound with correct spatial impression, direct and hall sound timbre AND localization; that plays compatibly in stereo, 5.1/6.1 2D, and full 3D using available 6-channel media and 10 or more speakers in a home theater or height-modified cinema. The results have been praised by recording engineers, musicians, and audiophiles in informal tests and demonstrations.

Market-driven as well as technical questions remain: As ITU 5.1/6.1 surround sound continues to achieve market acceptance, will that audience demand 2D surround music recordings of higher quality? Will they want 3D in the future? The author concludes that they will if led by engineers, producers, and artists who provide them access to 3D via extensible recordings, delivery standards, replay systems, and compelling content. The choices available with PerAmbio 3D/2D would add value for users, entertainment providers, and equipment manufacturers of tri-format recordings on 6- channel DVD-A, SACD, or DTS-ES Discrete CD/DVDV and replay equipment for music-only, movies, games, virtual reality, amusement rides, and in the future for 3D ATV broadcasts, movies, and Internet Webcasts.

Issues include relearning by practitioners, providing 3D broadcast delivery standards (e.g. AAC 6.1 channel for ATV), hardware implementation, and avoiding onerous complexity for users, although some might feel that 10 speakers must be twice as good as 5!

PerAmbio 3D/2D is practical today, offering compatible tri-play stereo, ITU 5.1/6.1, & 3D using any of the current 6 channel media formats (DVD-A, SACD, or DTS-ES Discrete CD/DVD-V) and a tri-play user speaker layout. In sum, PerAmbio 3D/2D offers a unified system of recording, release, and user implementation that plays with no decoding on standard 5.1/6.1 horizontal 2D surround systems today, or with a decoder on fully periphonic 3D systems tomorrow.


The author is grateful to Ralph Glasgal for his inspiration and wisdom and to the Ambiophonics Institute for support of the author's work. Additional support is by the University of Parma with special thanks to Angelo Farina, Enrico Armelloni, and Anders Torger; Jorg Wuttke and Christian Langen of Schoeps GMBH. Geoff Houser and Brad Frikkers fabricated microphone prototypes; Howard Moscovitz and Craig Greenwood assisted and many musicians performed for the test recordings; and DTS and Meridian Audio encoded them. Meridian Audio hosted the 5.1 demonstration in The Netherlands and Genelec hosted the 6.1 demonstration in The Netherlands and supported the demonstration in Banff. All trademarks are those of their owners.

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