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Ambiophonics Tutorials

Envelophonics -- An Intriguing Addition to the Ambiophonic Repertoire
Ralph Glasgal

Myths about Ambiophonics Exposed
Ralph Glasgal

Guide to Ambiophonic Home Theatre
Justus Verhagen, Ph.D., ©2013

Understanding and Installing an Ambiophonic System
Les Leventhal and Ralph Glasgal

How Good Can Stereo Be? - Try Ambiophonics and See (speaker stereo v. speaker binaural)
Robert E. (Robin) Miller III ©2008

One Key to Ambiophonic Crosstalk Cancellation
Robert E. (Robin) Miller III ©2008

True-to-Life Sound Reproduction using
Recursive Ambiophonic Crosstalk Elimination (RACE)

Ralph Glasgal and Robert E. (Robin) Miller III ©2008

What to expect to hear with Ambiophonics
Robert E. (Robin) Miller III ©2008

Caruso on Stage
Ralph Glasgal

Stereophonic Reproduction  as an Artform Perfected by Stereophiles
Ralph Glasgal