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How Good Can Stereo Be? – Try Ambiophonics and See

Speaker Stereo v. Speaker Binaural

by Robin Miller ©2008


Figures ...

Fig.1 – Ambiophonics in a home environment. To speakers in conventional stereo positions is added a closely spaced Ambiodipole in front.
Speaker switching in receiver selects mode. A second pair in back adds 5.1 compatible surround.

Fig.2 – Although recording captures properly timed stereo signals at top, during conventional stereo replay, speaker
crosstalk creates pinna confusion and comb filtering of the center voice – artifacts avoided using Ambiophonics.

Fig.3 – Ambiophonics for “speaker binaural” replay of stereo recordings using LF & RF. PanAmbio 4.0 adds speakers LB
& RB for 5.1-compatible surround, or for enhancing stage width when playing existing two channel CDs or LPs.

Fig.4 – Ambiodipole FL & FR “speaker binaural” broadens stage to 120° or more.
Adding BL & BR envelops 360° (allowing for “cone of confusion” at sides) for 2D surround.

Fig.5 – Blind study comparing a live oboe trio to replay of recording in stereo,
Ambiophonics, and front+back Ambiophonics shows significant preference for Ambio.

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