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by Ralph Glasgal
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Audio Engineering Society

24th International Conference on Multichannel Audio
June 26-28, 2003, Banff, Canada



by Ralph Glasgal


If the Panambiophone is used in the concert hall during a live performance, the ambient field cannot be captured with precision because the overhead ambience is either mixed in with the horizontal components or excluded if the microphone is shielded from the ceiling. Likewise in circular direct sound recordings made in studios or on location, it is difficult to include a realistic ambient field as part of the four channel medium. Thus, there are good reasons to use an impulse response, an Ambiovolver, and surround speakers to enhance the performance of basic Panambio.

Fig. 6 Panorambiophonics Including Both Circular Direct Sound and Hall Ambience

An example of this is Robin Millerís Panorambiophonic recording of an outdoor parade. The bands pass by in front and the crowd shouts and claps come from behind and from the sides. But when you add impulse response derived reflections from the surrounding office buildings to the mix the scene becomes that much more vivid. Another example is Robin Millerís studio recording of country music with a boisterous audience present. The Ambiopoles take care of all the direct, front and rear, tunes and shouts but the Ambiovolver transports the whole scene to Nashville.

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