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by Ralph Glasgal
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Audio Engineering Society

24th International Conference on Multichannel Audio
June 26-28, 2003, Banff, Canada



by Ralph Glasgal


Periambiophonics adds height to the Ambiophonic mix. This requires another pair of media channels but ADAT, DVD-A and DTS-ES are examples of commercially available systems capable of delivering sufficient data to create close to full upper hemisphere soundscapes. Another baffled Ambiophone head is used to capture an elevated front stage and this signal pair needs to be fed to a crosstalk canceller and an elevated Ambiopole. If one has four pairs of media channels available, via ADAT for instance, then the two front stages and the two rear stages can produce virtually anything desired. To date only frontal and rear elevated stage merging has been tested and Periambiophonics is still a work in progress. The real issue is whether there is a viable commercial home market for such a direct sound technology.

Fig. 7 Periambiophonics Provides An Elevated Stage

Figure 7 also shows that convolved ambience can provide periphonic envelopment. As discussed above all the various Ambiophonic methods can employ the Ambiovolver to produce signals for surround speakers at any azimuth or elevation if the impulse response used has been taken in three dimensions.

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