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by Ralph Glasgal
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International Tonmeister Symposium
Oct. 31, 2005 Schloss Hohenkammer

Improving 5.1 and Stereophonic Mastering/Monitoring
by Using Ambiophonic Techniques

By Ralph Glasgal, Ambiophonics Institute, 4 Piermont Road Rockleigh, New Jersey 07647 USA

Monitoring Speakers for Special Studios

Figure 11 shows a pair of Soundlab Electrostatic panels capable of rock concert SPL levels, working as a software crosstalk cancelled pair or Ambiodipole. Such electrostatic panels are extremely accurate transducers. Being full range, (except for low bass) they do not have crossovers, thus preserving ITDs and ILDs and making crosstalk canceling, and thus monitoring, more effective.

Fig 11

Figure11. Soundlab Ambiopole Full Range Electrostatic Panels operate at very high SPLs, have no crossovers, preserve ITDs and ILDs, and don’t confuse the pinna.

Figure 12 shows that it is possible to do accurate monitoring with very small speakers. In this case, the full-range Bose AM-5 is very directional and like the electrostatics has no crossover in the ITD, ILD region. By using an extra speaker for each additional listener, you can have more than one monitoring station in the same room.

Fig 12

Figure12. Inexpensive Small Speakers Act as Point Sources and Function Well as 2 Ambiodipoles Side by Side for 2 Viewers

Figure 13 shows the Soundlab Majestic. The Majestic is an Electrostatic panel that can operate at 115 dB SPL and do it down to 20 Hz. It is meant for use in large studios where the utmost in fidelity is needed. Since, like the Ambiopoles it has but one sound producing membrane, it is completely time coherent. Like the Surrstat (below) and the Ambiopoles, the curvature limits room reflections that originate from the rear of the speaker.

Fig 13

Figure13. The Soundlab Majestic is the ultimate monitoring loudspeaker with an SPL capability of 115 dB.